We have moved to a new website http://www.jodrm.eu starting from July 2017.


For the updated version of the Journal of Defense Resources Management (JoDRM) please follow the link mentioned above. The current website http://journal.dresmara.ro will remain as it is and will not be maintained anymore.


Editor-in-Chief: Dr. CEZAR VASILESCU (Romania)
Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Dr. JOHN T. CHRISTIAN (USA)
Executive Editor: Dr. AURA CODREANU (Romania)
Senior Editors:

Dr. Livia TĂTAR (Romania)


Dr. Donald A. MacCUISH (USA)


Mr. Don CARRICK (United Kingdom)


Dr. David C. EMELIFEONWU (Canada)


Dr. Alaa ABDALAZIZ (Egypt)

Board members:

Dr. Maria Constantinescu (Romania)

Dr. Brindusa Popa (Romania)

Designers: Florin Moşoiu
Gabriel Ungureanu
Web administrators: Florin Ogîgău - Neamţiu
Paula Neagu

Participate in the evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of JoDRM so as to help sustain the highest level of excellence.
2. Together with other editorial board members, assure an ongoing stream of articles.
3. Propose new peer-reviewers for the International advisory board and/or new editors to the editorial board.
4. Triage article submissions into "decline without peer-review" and "send out for peer-review".
5. Assign peer-reviewers.
6. Oversee the peer-review process, including making sure that reviewers respond within the deadline set.
7. Ensure the quality of published material, through peer-review, own comments, and editing.
8. Provide input on editorial needs and review manuscripts, as requested.
9. Offer constructive review of manuscripts to assist in providing the highest quality papers.
10. An editor edits, i.e. must have the ability and time to write and rewrite sometimes poorly written manuscripts.
11. Once appointed to the Editorial Board, the member should submit at least one manuscript to JoDRM every 3 years.
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